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Police car on the street

What’s in it for Me? Where is the community in community policing?

What’s in it for me? This question seems selfish but it can be motivating question for a very altruistic aim. Believe or not, this is the question that I want community ...
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Portrait of smiling young businessman shaking hands with partners at meeting table in board room greeting each other before negotiations

Nail It: How to Land Your Dream Internship

Summer is coming, and for many students, that means internship season is near. Whether an internship is required for your degree field or not, having one provides a unique ...
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A Professional Cameraman Filming A Concert On A Stadium

“The Black Panther” Effect: How African American Film is Changing Hollywood

February 2018 is a historical moment in the history of race and representation of African Americans in cinema. On Feb. 16, Black Panther became the first superhero film with ...
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GGC students and mascot in "I Love GGC" t-shirts.

10 Reasons to Love GGC

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance; it’s an opportunity to celebrate the many kinds of love in your life. There are lots of reasons to love GGC, but here ...
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