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Back to School: How to Thrive this Semester


It can be hard to get back into the routine of going to class, studying, spending hours in the library and acclimating to individual expectations from professors. Besides the responsibilities as a student, we also have lives outside of campus. Many of us find... More »

Big Data, Big Problems?


Digital data is everywhere, whether we realize it or not. Most of us at some point have released our birthday, pet name, or the name of our favorite restaurant electronically. How, where, or who has access to this data, and how it can be used, often remains a ... More »

Small Steps Toward a Healthier Earth


With Earth Day upon us, now is a good time to think about small steps you can take to make our campus and the Earth a better place to live. Start with some small steps and add to them as you go along. Once they become habits, they become easy to do and your ef... More »

Careers in Political Science


So, you are interested in political science, but not sure what career a political science degree will get you? Political science students are desirable for a variety of employers because of the research, writing and critical analysis skills they gain from the ... More »

Carbon: Why it Matters


It is the same gas we exhale with every breath: carbon dioxide, or CO2. It is as natural as breathing, it is what plants use for photosynthesis to make our food, so many wonder how it could be a problem? Learn how to combat the effects of CO2 emissions on our ... More »

Careers in Cinema and Media Arts


The cinema and media arts major at GGC is contributing to the growth of a community of creative students who are eager and equipped to work their way into Georgia’s booming film and media industries. More »