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An overworked young student sitting with her head in her hands

Seven Steps to Help You Overcome Test Anxiety

It’s happened to many of us. You’ve been studying for weeks for your big chemistry exam, but as soon as you walk into the classroom, your mind goes blank, your palms begin ...
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Portrait of smiling young businessman shaking hands with partners at meeting table in board room greeting each other before negotiations

Nail It: How to Land Your Dream Internship

Summer is coming, and for many students, that means internship season is near. Whether an internship is required for your degree field or not, having one provides a unique ...
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media: camera operator

Careers in Cinema and Media Arts

Every semester I begin my film courses with an icebreaker exercise to help the students get to know one another, after which, they introduce their partner to the entire ...
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Student studying

10 Unconventional Study Tips that Actually Work

We all have the best of intentions to study and prepare, but it’s often hard to determine which study tips will actually help you perform your best. Consider implementing ...
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