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How To: Finance Your Study Abroad Trip

October 25, 2017


So, you’ve decided to study abroad? Congratulations on making a choice that will change your life and enhance your educational experience. Whether you’ll be walking the ruins of Rome, Italy, exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica, or enjoying a croissant in Paris, your time abroad will undoubtedly be unforgettable. But, before you pack your bags, it’s important to consider how you’ll finance your trip.

With help from the Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) Office of Internationalization, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you finance your study abroad experience:

  1. Scholarships
    Student participating in a service abroad trip. A quick internet search or visit to your financial aid office could help you uncover thousands of dollars in scholarships that would make your study abroad trip more affordable.Since 2013, 10 GGC students have been awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to attend study abroad programs in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and France. No matter what scholarship opportunities you choose, be sure to give yourself ample time to complete your applications.
  1. Financial Aid
    While most college students are able to use financial aid to assist with the cost of studying abroad, it is very likely that the student will need to cover these expenses up front and be reimbursed at a later date by financial aid or other scholarships; be prepared to cover expenses in the meantime. GGC students can use their federal and state aid, including the HOPE Scholarship, for any study abroad program offering academic credit.
  1. Savings
    An old-fashioned savings account is often a great way to finance your study abroad experience. Consider getting a part-time job to earn extra money for reaching out to family and friends for assistance. Every dollar helps!

Preparing for your studies abroad can be daunting, but securing the funds doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team recommends you:

Start now
Securing the funds for your trip likely won’t happen overnight. Be sure to plan ahead!

Consider multiple resources
A combination of scholarships, aid and savings could be the key to realizing your study abroad dreams. Consult your financial aid office for the best approach.

Ask for help
When in doubt, ask for help! At GGC, the Office of Internationalization is ready and willing to guide you through the process.

Following these simple tips can put you on the road to a memorable study abroad experience. Bon voyage!

Want to learn more about study abroad opportunities at GGC? Contact the Office of Internationalization.

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